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Special Education Management Software

At Rosco Data Technologies, we are excited to introduce our innovative new software, Instant IEP. The only school management software that keeps districts in compliance through automation of the data collection and IEP writing processes. Our patent pending technology connects districts, schools, teachers, parents and service providers in one user friendly program designed specifically to help ISS staff meet every individual accommodation for every student with special needs.


Instant IEP was Built with Educators in Mind: The owners of Instant IEP are two NYC teachers with over 35 years of combined experience in the classroom, as a district representative, and as a CSE administrator. We know firsthand how valuable time is for educators, particularly teachers of special needs students. That is why we designed Instant IEP, to streamline the data collection and writing processes, while ensuring the full participation of every case member, resulting in 100% compliance. 


Instant IEP is the solution to the generous amount of time it takes to complete just one IEP, let alone a caseload of them. As working teachers and admitted tech geeks, we recognized a more effective method of collecting information from colleagues about our special needs students and developed that solution.

Along the way, Instant IEP has improved to become the all-in-one IEP solution for administrators and teachers looking to save days of time on the IEP process, account for individual student accommodations, bid and secure provider contracts, service all district ISS students including those in private schools, manage the entire district or school on one dedicated system, eliminate endless emails streams, and become special education experts as they work.

There is so much to discover on Instant IEP! ...and there is so much more!

Built with Educators in Mind


Built With Educators in Mind

Our Mission and Values

Support our Customers


Instant IEP is constantly monitored for any potential dangers as well as periodically improved through updates that enhance its performance and usability. We never charge for updates because we view this as basic maintenance of our product. In fact, we welcome your suggestions to improve your experience using Instant IEP and you can contact us here. We are dedicated to superior customer service for our products and are always available to discuss how we can make your software experiences better. Our pledge to our customers is superior software, service, and support.  

Local Community Support


Our company is currently located in New York, but our customer service will be located where you live and work. Parent company Rosco Data Technologies will open customer service centers in your state once there are enough districts to support them. At Instant IEP, we are committed to the local communities we serve. The owners are licensed teachers who dedicated most of their lives to the service of children with special needs and their families, so it makes sense that they would desire to continue that service in some manner. Instant IEP offices will be nearby your district, with local employees that know your schools and the people that make them a special place to learn.  

Build the Best Solutions


Instant IEP is by far the most comprehensive IEP software available on the market. No other program aligns to your district while automating the data collection and writing process. But that's not even scratching the surface of this all-in-one solution. The people at Rosco Data Technologies built Instant IEP with patent pending technology that no other IEP software can match. Let us do the same for your next software project. Our team of professional programmers and designers are ready to create the solutions everyone tells you will never work, with ideas that will. Contact us at 1-855-916-2207 or email us at to get started. 

Improve School Software


The people at Rosco Data Technologies and Instant IEP are dedicated to seeking solutions that improve school software throughout the world. Currently, school software is several years behind applications for business and this disparity must be changed. Rosco Data Technologies has already developed Instant IEP, the most advanced IEP software available, and is currently developing school management software that will include more uniquely patented technology. We believe that educators and the students they serve deserve the best, most sophisticated software designed for the important and specific work they do every day.  

The Inspiration for Instant IEP

In 2018, Ian and Dave were co-teaching high school ICT classes together. They began discussing how much work Special Education teachers and District Representatives endure each year because of the difficulties inherent in the IEP data collection and writing processes. They also discussed how so much time is spent gathering data and deciphering it all, when that time could be better used servicing students. Ian had an idea, and that idea became Instant IEP. 

The initial concepts of Instant IEP and its automated processes were already developed by Ian and Dave used his administrative experience to further develop the application into what you see today. An all-in-one solution that saves days of time writing IEP caseloads, manages an entire district in one application, and runs accurate reports that prove your staff is meeting the accommodations for every Special Needs student they service. There is so much more to discover in Instant IEP, get your free 30-day sandbox demo today!

Rosco Data Technologies is the parent company of Instant IEP. We are a software solutions company that has clients in education, business and government. 

Instant IEP is a creation of the people at Rosco Data Technologies. We are a full-service systems analysis and software development company that will custom build any solution to fit the needs of your organization. From simple databases to artificial intelligence, the professionals at Rosco will work with you every step of the way. 

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